Here are some frequently asked questions, which may help towards answering your queries.

1) Will I need to install skype or any other software?
No need to install any software, Qur’anuni is an online learning space.

2) How can I get free classes from Qur’anuni?
You just need to enroll yourself as a student to get 3 free classes.

3) Does Qur’anuni provide live class environment?
Yes, Qur’anuni provides one-on-one live class sessions.

4) What does the term TPI mean?
TPI (Total Physical Interaction) is an interactive approach that uses all the five senses during the learning process.

5) How can I book my paid classes?
After completing your free classes, just go on your dashboard and book your paid classes for a month.

6) How many classes are there in a week?
There are 5 regular classes of 30 minutes duration, each class from Monday to Friday.

7) Can I take my class on weekend?
Yes, we offer two weekend classes on Saturday & Sunday, duration of each class is 60 minutes.

8) Do I have to book classes on weekly basis or monthly?
The mode of booking classes is on monthly basis.

9) How do I choose my tutor?
We allocate your tutor for you depending on your requirements.

10) Are there any female tutors available?
Yes, at Qur’anuni females tutors are assigned to female students and children.

11) How many classes do I need to complete a course?
It depends upon your baseline and learning capacity; you can finish a course in a month or even in a year.

12) Will I actually able to understand the Qur’an?
Yes, the main aim of Qur’anuni is to teach the learners Qur’anic Arabic along with high frequency words of the Holy Qur’an, which will inevitably make you understand what Qur’an teaches us.

13) What does phonetic approach mean?
Phonetic approach means to learn the sounds of Arabic letters and then blend these sounds to read a word.

14) Will I be able to speak Arabic?
Qur’anuni basically focuses on making the learners understand the Qur’an. Yet, as we select high vfrequency words from the Holy Qur’an there is a high possibility that by the end of the course you will be able to speak basic Arabic.

15) Are your courses approved by scholars of Fiqh, Qur’an and Hadith?
Yes, the courses that we offer at Qur’anuni are the approved ones.Qur’anuni has a multidisciplinary team, which comprises scholars and curriculum experts.

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