Here are some frequently asked questions, which may help towards answering your queries.

Q) Will I actually learn to understand the Quran?
Yes the main aim of Quran Uni is to teach learners Quranic Arabic, which will inevitably make you understand the Quran.

Q) Will I be able to speak Arabic?
Quran Uni focus on understanding the Quran, however by end of the course you will be able to speak basic Arabic.

Q) How long does it take to learn TPI?
TPI is a learning tool and can be leant over a period of few weeks; however, the pace can be subject to how much prior knowledge one has of the Arabic language. If you are acquainted with the Arabic language, the time of learning can be less compared to individuals who have little knowledge in Arabic.

Q) Are your courses approved by scholars of Fiqh, Quran and Hadith?
Quran Uni is pioneered by a multidisciplinary team, which contain scholars and academic in education. These courses have been given a lot of thought and consideration especially with respect to the rules of Quran reading and understanding.

Q) How many lessons do I need to complete a course?
The number of lessons are subject to your initial test performance, which is conducted by your tutor. This assessment will determine the number of lesson you require to achieve your desired goal.

Q) What is the style of teaching at Quran Uni?
Our teaching style is student-centred which resembles most academic institutes. The tutor directs the progression of learning but the student’s learning pace is highly taken into consideration.

Q) Do I have to book lessons weekly or on a monthly basis?
The mode of booking lessons is on a monthly basis. You can simply book the number of lessons you believe you shall be needing beginning of the month.

Q) Is the first lesson completely free or do I have to make a contribution?
The first lesson is completely free of any charge. This is a great opportunity to meet your future tutor and get to know our learning platform.

Q) How do I choose my tutor?
We allocate your tutor for you depending on your requirements.

Q) Do male tutors teach female students as well?
At Quran Uni we abide by the rule of teaching of Quran, therefore male tutors are assigned male students and female tutors are assigned female students.

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