Quran Uni aims to teach Quran and facilitate its understanding to the minds of today’s digital native generation.


Our methodology (TPI) helps students to recognise the commands and grammar of the Quranic language comprehensively.


We use advanced technologies e.g interactive learning space for teaching the Quran from the comfort of homes.

Welcome To Quran Uni

Quran is a guidance for humanity sent down by Allah. Quran is not only to read but also rather to be understood and implemented in our everyday lives. The teachings of Quran and words of wisdom from The Holy Prophet (PBUH) inform us to implement Islam within the context of the present era. The current times are driven by technology to facilitate today’s digital natives. Therefore, in the light of recent advancement in technology Quran Uni has developed a unique methodology to read, learn and understand Quran. This unique approach is known as Total Physical Interaction (TPI). This form of technology is designed to make understanding of the Quran easy and attainable. Quran Uni has developed state of the art technology to teach Quran using TPI through online interactive white boards. Above all children, adults, elderly can now achieve their long goal of understanding the Quran from comfort of their homes and they will be connected to a TPI tutor within seconds to begin a journey of building a relationship with the book of Allah.

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Our Courses

5000 PKR

Read Quran

This course is designed to teach the rules of Quran reading to children and adults. It is a basic course for beginners.

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5000 PKR

Understand Quran

This course enables you to understand Quran through a unique teaching methodology called TPI (Total Physical Interaction).


5000 PKR

Memorize Quran

This course is based on memorizing the Quran with understanding. This course is in collaboration with understanding Quran course.


Quran Learning Technology

Quran Uni has designed interactive white boards where online teaching can take place. Our online interactive learning space resembles physical classroom environments and comes with extra features such as recording of the lesson, live tests and resources. The online classroom allows the student to practice live TPI skills in front of the expert tutor. The best feature of all is you can get all of this and understand Quran from the comfort of your home.

How It Works

Quran Uni has made the process of enrolling easy and have put you in control of your time and lessons.
In three simple steps, you can start your journey towards understanding the Quran.


To enrol in a course of your choice simply fill out a short form. After receiving your details, we will allocate a tutor to you.


This is an opportunity to meet and greet your tutor along with familiarising yourself with our online learning space and the method of TPI.

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We understand the engagements of everyday life and that is why there is no restriction on booking the amount of lessons.

Why Choose Quran Uni

Quran Uni is a prestigious institute that has been organised to fulfil the need of today’s generation to understand the Quran and implement in everyday lives.


  • We are a unique institute that utilises TPI to teach Quran across the world.
  • Our tutors are tech experts and make learning easy for students.
  • Our online learning platform is user friendly.
  • No restriction on time, students can learn at their own pace.

System Capacity

Management % 100
Students + 100,000
Tutors + 10,000

Why we are the best for learning Quran

Trained Tutors
Unique Methodology
Competitive Prices
Refund if Not Satisfied
A Range of Courses
User Friendly System

What our Students Say about Us

Students from all over the world are benefiting from our range of courses.
Here is what our students have to say about Quran Uni

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