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Qur’anuni aims to provide the best online teaching and learning platform to facilitate the reading and understanding of the Holy Qur’an to the minds of today’s digital native generation.


We are using phonetic and TPI (Total Physical Interaction) approaches to make the learning easy and interactive. We develop concepts and Increase student participation & learning retention through practice rather than memorization of content and then recalling it.


We use totally digital solutions and provide live one-on-one classes through video communication with the help of interactive learning space. Learning resource materials including textbook, videos and whiteboard is available online without the need to use any other software.

Welcome To Qur’anuni

The Holy Qur’an is a guidance for humanity sent down by Allah. It is not only to be read but also to be understood and implemented in our everyday lives. The lessons of the Holy Qur’an and the words of wisdom from the Holy Prophet ﷺlead us to develop the best character for success in our lives and the Hereafter. We are living in a digital era, and to facilitate the digital natives of current era Qur’anuni has been developed to provide the best teaching and learning resource on reading and understanding of the Holy Qur’an at your door step using digital solutions. Qur’anuni uses phonetic and TPI (Total Physical Interaction) approaches to make the learning easy and interactive. Qur’anuni uses state of the art technology to learn the Holy Qur’an with the help of online interactive one-on-one classes with the help of video communication and using online learning resources including books, videos and white board. Moreover now people of any gender or age, ranging from children to adults can achieve their long cherished goal of learning the Holy Qur’an from the comfort of their homes. Let’s begin a journey of building a close relationship with the book of Allah.


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Our Courses

Nazirah Qur’an & Tajweed

The best learning resource on “Tajweed” to enable the learners to develop reading skills necessary for reading the Holy Qur’an with correct pronunciation.

Fee Rs. 5000/- per month

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Understand the Qur’an

This course enables the learners to understand the Holy Qur’an through a unique and innovative teaching methodology called TPI (Total Physical Interaction).

Fee Rs. 5000/- per month


This course is based on memorization of the Holy Qur’an along with its understanding. This course works in collaboration with Understand the Qur’an course.

Fee Rs. 5000/- per month


Unique Learning Technology

Qur’anuni has designed interactive one-on-one live classes using white board. Our online interactive learning space resembles physical classroom environments and comes with some additional features such as recording of the lesson, live tests and live learning resources. The online classroom allows the learners to demonstrate live using TPI approach in front of the tutor. The most fascinating feature is that you can avail yourself of all these while learning the Holy Qur’an from the comfort of your homes.

No time restrictions. Learners can learn at their own pace.

How it Works

Qur’anuni has made the process of enrolling easy and have put you in control of your time and lessons.In three simple steps, you can start your journey towards learning the Holy Qur’an.


To enrol in a course of your choice simply fill out a short form “Enrol for 5 Free Classes”. After receiving your details, our system will generate the login and password for you. As a further step, we will allocate a tutor to you and inform you through email.


The first three classes are free and this is an opportunity to meet and greet your tutor along with familiarizing yourself with our online learning space.

Book Classes

Once you are familiar with Qur’anuni online learning space, the next step is book the classes as per your convenience. Regular classes are five classes a week from Monday to Friday, each class comprising 30 minutes duration. Whereas weekend classes are 4 classes a week comprising 60 minutes duration conducted only on Saturday and Sunday.

Why Choose Qur’anuni

Qur’anuni is a prestigious online learning platform that offers communication leaning space thus enabling one-on-one sessions through video communication. Tutor and student dashboards help both the tutors and the learners to view the classes and their schedule. Qur’anuni aims to ensure quality teaching and learning process, and for this purpose feedback of every class is recorded and shared with the tutor as well as the student. Qur’anuni has its own tutor development system to train the tutors as facilitators of learning process, so that they can motivate the learners. Female admin along with the female tutors are available to facilitate the teaching of female learners.


  • We have the best learning resources on learning of the Holy Qur’an.
  • Our tutors are trained in pedagogy and possess a drive to motivate the learners to enhance their learning experiences.
  • Our online learning platform provides one-on-one live classes.
  • No restriction on time, learners can learn at their own pace.
  • Female tutors for female learners.

System Capacity

Management % 100
Students + 100,000
Tutors + 10,000

Why we are the best for learning Quran

Trained Tutors
Unique Methodology
Competitive Prices
Refund if Not Satisfied
A Range of Courses
User Friendly System

What our Students Say about Us

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